5 Resources For Getting Information of Academic Papers


There are plenty of research resources at your disposal. You just have to know where to start looking.

1. Start at your university’s library

Look for books and periodicals that you can mine information from. Checkout the online reserves to really get your search going. University databases are huge portals that can link you to important resources. Search through online journals. Familiarize yourself with all that your college library has to offer, and you will have plenty of research info to incorporate. More tips you can find at Academic publishing.

2. Use the Internet to gain a basic familiarity with your material

It’s amazing what you can find using a simple search engine. Get an overall view of the topic you need to research, before you start looking for more in depth resources. Discover the common terms and elements of whatever debate or issue you have to ponder. Once you’ve used the Internet to get a basic understanding, you’ll know what exactly you need more in depth coverage on.

3. Visit research institutes and think tanks on the web

Think tanks always have links to their latest research efforts and studies. Make use of recent studies, and incorporate evidence and conclusions into your own unique take.

4. Online journals are great sources for scholarly research

You can find in-depth academic papers that are extremely focused in their scope. Draw from these rich sources of scholastic digestion. Read the footnotes and get more information. The more academic papers you read on the subject that you are covering, the more comfortable you will become with the important issues surrounding whatever debate you are investigating.

5. Consider using the resources of another university

You can access a ton of information over the Internet. Many universities have their own archived material that they make available to the general public. If you need a direct quote from a historical document, chances are you can find the complete document somewhere in an online sourcebook belong to a college or university.